Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Foodie friend recommends...

Just got a list of Seattle recommendations from a politico friend that travels quite a bit and always eats very well...

Macrina Bakery and Cafe, 2408 1st Avenue, for coffee and pastries, sanwiches, soup, etc. Only a few blocks from the hotel, and for those that do the walk, talk and shoot to the Olympic Sculpture Garden this is my recommended lunch stop right on the way back.

Etta's, 2020 Western Avenue, one of famed Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas's locations, conveniently located between the hotel and Pike Place Market.

Gelatiamo, 1400 Third Avenue, downtown--always something new and unusual to taste ("try the rice")

Matt's in the Market, Pike Place Market, hard to find but cheap eats--try the hot albacore tuna sandwich.

A couple of other nicer Belltown recommendations I know nothing about but will pass along, Mistral at 113 Blanchard and Lampreia at 2400 First Avenue.


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The White Mole said...

I would also highly recommend Canlis. A great restaurant with great history.