Friday, April 24, 2009

Rex Whisman

Hey all! Perusing the schedule now up on the web site, I caught Rex Whisman's name on the list. So I thought I'd brag about what a great guy Rex is. Rex did a terrific marketing session for us in Toronto as a pre-conference workshop. He had a ton of great information on what marketing and branding really is and some steps our individual institutions can use to get deeper into our stories. We used our own publications as resources, so it was truly a session about ourselves, and not a show and tell. And, since we couldn't cover all the publications in one session, Rex offered to take a look at anyone else's and give it a critique. I took him up on this. He gave me some terrific feedback well worth the cost of attending the conference. Rex is not only really knowledgable, but very approachable and helpful. So I hope some of you get the same opportunity I had in Toronto.

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Rex Whisman said...

Christine. Thanks for your kind remarks. I enjoyed our conversation, and those with others in Toronto. UCDA is one of my all-time favorite organizations and I can't wait to seeing you all in Seattle next fall.